Spies and Du Preez Qualify for UCI Track World Championships

Spies and Du Preez Qualify for UCI Track World Championships

The UCI Track World Championships will be held in Berlin, Germany from the 26th of February to the 1st of March 2020. Normally this event is the most prestigious of the season but in an Olympic year it has to take second place behind the Olympic Games being held in Tokyo, Japan in August. Riders from nations all around the world have been competing for their places in Berlin, the last event in the grueling qualification process for the Olympics.

South Africans, Jean Spies and Charlene Du Preez, have pushed through the last two years, on shoe-string budgets to compete against the rest of the world for those top Olympic places. Qualifying for all three of their events, the 1 kilometer time trial / 500-meter time trial, the kierin and the sprint, has them smiling as they head to Berlin in a few weeks’ time.

“I am really relieved, grateful and excited that we have qualified for the World Championships this year. It has been an extremely long road to get to this point and to say we have made it to the last event on the qualification criteria is extremely satisfying.” said Spies with a big grin.

“I am very humbled that I have the opportunity to compete at the World Championships this year. This is the last big one and I look forward to this event and will give it my absolute best!” says Du Preez

Both riders recently defended their titles at the African Continental Track Championships held in Cairo, Egypt. Spies securing the 1 kilometer time trial, kierin and sprint titles and Du Preez the 500-meter time trial, kierin and sprint titles.

Both riders teamed up with fellow South African riders to secure the men’s team sprint and women’s team sprint events respectively.